1. Dougherty, Catherine M. MA, RN, FAAFS
  2. Issue Editor

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This special issue highlights contributions from critical care clinician authors from 10 countries, each conveying their perspectives on practice topics. Their articles are as unique and diverse as the countries they represent.


The opening article by May et al (United States) introduces the idea that a social media platform can be used for transmitting pharmacy information to clinical nurses. Toufic El Hussein and Green (Canada) present their ideas about how an alphabetical mnemonic can be used to improve the treatment of patients who have experienced an ischemic stroke. Esmaeili et al (Iran) reveal the challenges of introducing new technologies into a home care environment. Henao-Castano, Rivera-Romero, and Paola Ospina Garzon (Colombia) discuss their views on health care at the end of life.


The core components of caring for the critically ill in any country include astute clinical observations, pain management, and patient safety. Salameh et al (Palestine) discuss the variables among nurses and physicians relating to observations of patients with delirium. Younis (Jordan) tackles the difficult subject of pain evaluation of patients who are unable to communicate verbally. Hrdinova, Saibertova, and Pokorna (Czech Republic) provide new insights into the use of personal protective equipment in a Biosafety level 2 environment. Winterbottom and Webre (United States) shares her ideas for restructuring and improving the hospital's Rapid Response System.


These articles illustrate that critical care personnel share common values and concerns and share common goals to improve their clinical practices. Readers of this issue not only will appreciate how their environments differ from those of other countries but also that we have more in common than we have differences.


-Catherine M. Dougherty, MA, RN, FAAFS


Issue Editor