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  1. Mislan, Tim BSN, RN, MS, NEA-BC
  2. Johnson, Kari PhD, RN, ACNS-BC
  3. Keitel, Sheila MA, BS


The health care settings of today are rapidly evolving in form and function, challenging nurse executives to adopt, adapt, and develop new ways to lead and find professional fulfillment in their roles. The organizational design of many health care settings has changed from a functional to a matrix structure to facilitate more effective and efficient operations. While the structures and reporting relationship of contemporary nurse executives may have changed significantly, the primary responsibility of championing the advancement of the profession of nursing remains essential. The mastery of change management methods is critical for the nurse executive to successfully lead in today's dynamic health care settings. A well-developed and actualized nursing professional practice model is a foundational tool for the nurse executive to employ to advance the profession of nursing in any health care setting or structure. This article describes how a nurse executive used change management methods and principles to lead the development of a new network-wide unifying nursing professional practice model in a highly matrixed health care setting.