1. Thompson, Tenley RN

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As an RN with neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience, as well as the mother of a preemie conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF), I must respond to "Help Put NICU Nurses Out of Business," (Editorial, July). Diana Mason noted a trend those of us going through IVF have also noticed: the apparent increased incidence of preterm births of infants conceived through IVF. I agree that there must be more research into the causes, but I'm hesitant to label IVF the culprit.


IVF is both a godsend and a frustration for those trying to conceive. To become pregnant, finally, is a miracle. But it can't cure the underlying problems of infertility, and I have to wonder whether the reasons for premature delivery are perhaps the same as the reasons for infertility.


Before condemning IVF, we should be sure it is indeed the procedure that is at fault for the higher rate of premature births. I hate to think that people unfamiliar with IVF and infertility could have imposed regulations, limitations, and financial bottom lines that could have prevented me from having my daughter Emily. Let's look at improving IVF and related procedures and also preventing all causes of prematurity.


Tenley Thompson, RN


Longview, WA