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Catheter occlusion, Mobile application, Urinary catheterization, Visiting nurse



  1. Maeda, Shuko PhD
  2. Fukuda, Moriyoshi MSN
  3. Moriyama, Manabu T. MD, PhD
  4. Nakamura, Miho MSN


This study aimed to develop a computer application (software) for use by visiting nurses, physicians, and patients/caregivers, to support their care of long-term indwelling urinary catheters in the community. Development of this application involved: (1) confirmation of the intended purpose, users, and application construction; (2) establishment of the functional requirements for data sharing and communication among visiting nurses, physicians, and patients/caregivers; (3) design of three constituent "versions" of the application to be used by visiting nurses, physicians, and patients/caregivers, respectively; and (4) testing of the data sharing and communication functions. The application was designed to facilitate the prevention, assessment, and response to occlusion of indwelling urinary catheters during long-term use at home. This application is characterized by: (1) a unique design of three application "versions" that each reflect the specific care roles of its respective user group; (2) data sharing among the three groups according to their respective roles; and (3) the inclusion of caregivers as users. This article proposes a model that can inform the design of future applications for nursing professionals and patients and caregivers and provide a basis for future research on the development of healthcare applications supporting improvements in care.