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Salud Medical Spanish Dictionary and Phrase Book, 2nd ed.


Contreras, B. Albuquerque: Educational New Service, Inc., 2003. 231 pp; $39.95; 1-800-600-4494;


A comprehensive guide to improving communication with Spanish-speaking patients and their families and English-speaking medical personnel, Salud provides information needed to enable effective communication that will result in more thorough patient interviews, identification of existing conditions, and, ultimately, better communication between healthcare provider and patient.


A quick, easy-to-use reference book, Salud's medical dictionary and alphabetical phrase sections make it easy to find and cross-reference the correct Spanish-English words and phrases. There are also focused care dialogues ranging from AIDS, anesthesia, and breast examination to unconscious patient, urinary retention, and visiting hours. The materials in this book were adapted from a variety of English- and Spanish-language sources for the sole purpose of language enrichment and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction.