1. Yoder, Lamont MBA, RN, CCRN
  2. Graffagnino, Cheryl RD, LD
  3. La Londe, Michelle MA
  4. Schaumburg, Joann MS, RD, LD
  5. Hindman, Lisa RN, BSN
  6. Taylor, Jennifer BSN, RNC
  7. Snow, Richard DO
  8. Caulin-Glaser, Teresa MD

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Weight loss is associated with improvement in cardiovascular risk factors and decreased risk of coronary events.



Describe and compare weight loss achieved by obese (BMI >= 30) and non-obese (BMI < 30) participants in a cardiovascular rehabilitation (CR) program and assess maintenance of weight loss one year after completion of CR while participating in a cardiovascular maintenance (CM) program.



Retrospective analysis was designed assessing weight loss and weight loss maintenance for obese and non-obese participants completing a CR and participating in CM. Analysis included participants participating in CM for a minimum of 6 months after completing CR with a pre and post-program body weight and for whom body weight was measured at 1 year +/- 6 months after completion of the CR while participating in CM. Between 1/1/01 and 12/31/03, 97 individuals met these criteria. Pre and post program and 1 year body weights were compared using paired t-tests.



Both obese and non-obese participants achieved a significant reduction in body weight after completion of CR with obese participants losing significantly more weight than their non-obese counterparts (P =.001). One year after completion of CR, obese participants in the CM had experienced some weight re-gain but it was not significant. However, non-obese participants in CM experienced a significant weight gain at 1 year in excess of the initial loss achieved in CR.

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Obese participants achieved significant weight loss in a CR program and maintained that weight loss in a CM program. Non-obese individuals achieved modest but significant weight losses in CR but appear to follow population trends toward weight gain when participating in CM.