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Hypoguard (Minneapolis, MN) has received FDA approval for the Advance Micro-Draw blood glucose system. This convenient system offers diabetics the option to use alternate site testing when checking their blood glucose levels. It gives patients the ability to draw a blood sample from their palm, in addition to traditional fingertip tests, offering a less painful way to measure blood glucose levels.


The Advance Micro-Draw system features biosensor technology and requires only a small blood sample. According to Hypoguard, its small sample size results in less painful, more comfortable testing.

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Only two simple steps are required to use the device, which produces accurate test results in just 15 seconds. Advance Micro-Draw has a large display with easy-to-read digits for patients with visual impairments. The system also provides data management capabilities, including date and time, 250-test memory, and 14-to 30-day averaging. This product is covered by Medicare.


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