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disaster mental health, preparedness, psychosocial, training



  1. Hoffman, Yael MPH, MSW
  2. Everly, George S. Jr. PhD
  3. Werner, Danilea MPH, MSW
  4. Livet, Melanie PhD(c)
  5. Madrid, Paula A. PsyD
  6. Pfefferbaum, Betty MD, JD
  7. Beaton, Randal PhD, EMT


An exemplar group of disaster mental health subject matter experts was formed as part of the CDC Center for Public Health Preparedness program to develop a "toolkit" of relevant CPHP disaster mental health training and education curricula and resources. The group developed a charter, compiled relevant CPHP training materials, developed an objective review template, and collectively reviewed the assembled resources. Curricular reviews were presented at a March 2005 meeting where an asset matrix was developed to categorize and compare the training and education curricula and resources. This article describes findings and next steps for toolkit development and refinement. Some recommendations for the toolkit identified thus far are to develop standardized disaster mental health nomenclature, add training exercises to the array of CPHP training and education resources, develop disaster mental health competencies for public health workers, add more advanced trainings to the current repertoire, and add resources to the toolkit during the coming years. The group also plans to disseminate the mental health/psychosocial preparedness toolkit to practice partners engaged in training disaster response personnel.