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attitudes, healthy work environment, ICU, intensive care unit, knowledge, nurses, organizational support, practice, pressure injury, prevention



  1. Hu, Li BSN, RN
  2. Sae-Sia, Wipa PhD, RN
  3. Kitrungrote, Luppana PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: To explore the predictors of knowledge of pressure injury (PI) prevention, attitudes on PI prevention, organization support for PI prevention, and the influence of a healthy work environment (HWE) on PI prevention practices among ICU nurses in China.


METHODS: A descriptive, predictive, online survey was conducted among 510 ICU nurses in Guizhou province, China. A PI prevention knowledge questionnaire, PI prevention attitude questionnaire, organizational support for PI prevention questionnaire, HWE assessment tool, and PI prevention practice questionnaire were used for data collection. A hierarchical regression analysis was used to determine the influence of certain predictive factors.


RESULTS: An HWE, organizational support for PI prevention, and positive attitudes toward PI prevention were significant predictors of good practice regarding PI prevention. However, knowledge of PI prevention was not a significant predictor.


CONCLUSIONS: To achieve optimal nursing quality in terms of PI prevention, hospital and nursing administrators should develop strategies or interventions to create and sustain an HWE and supportive organizational culture for ICU nurses and enhance positive attitudes toward PI prevention.