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Care, Iran, Nursing, Nursing process, Software, Student



  1. Alsadat Hosseini, Fahimeh PhD, RN
  2. Parvan, Kobra MSN, RN
  3. Jasemi, Madineh PhD, RN
  4. Parizad, Naser PhD, RN
  5. Esmaili Zabihi, Roghayeh MSN, RN
  6. Aazami, Sanaz PhD, RN


The nursing process is a systematic decision-making method of problem-solving that increases the quality of patient care. Implementation of modern technology in nursing can reduce documentation time, make nursing care safer, and improve the quality of patient care. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of applying newly developed nursing process software on the efficiency of the nursing process in patient care. In this randomized clinical trial, 80 nursing students were randomly allocated into intervention (n = 40) and control (n = 40) groups. The student in the intervention group used the software to care for patients for two semesters. Students in the control group used routine hospital protocol to care for their patients. Modified Brooking nursing process measuring scale was used to evaluate the effectiveness of software before and after the intervention. The results showed a statistically significant difference in the mean efficiency score of the nursing process in the two groups after the intervention (P < .001). Using nursing process software leads to increasing the efficiency of the nursing process in patient care. Thus, providing executive support and electronic resources with relevant training for nursing students can be beneficial in students' education and be a practical application of the nursing process in caring for patients.