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Heart failure, Technology acceptance, Telemonitoring



  1. Achury Saldana, Diana Marcela MSc
  2. Gonzalez, Rafael A. PhD
  3. Garcia, Angel MD, MSc
  4. Marino, Alejandro MD
  5. Aponte, Luisa RN
  6. Bohorquez, Wilson Ricardo MD


Adequate adherence to treatment is indispensable in preventing adverse consequences in heart failure patients. Such adherence can be managed through heart failure clinics and various methods of follow-up. In recent years, the use of telemonitoring has shown promising benefits in supporting clinicians' follow-up, as well as contributing to patients' self-care. This article presents the development and evaluation of a telemonitoring application for heart failure, through a Web-based interface for clinicians and a mobile application for patients. The application was evaluated through a 6-month pilot observational descriptive study in 20 outpatients with reduced ejection fraction and two nurses, in the context of a heart failure clinic. A technological acceptance questionnaire was applied to all patients and nurses at the end of the study period. In use, the application generated 64 real-time alerts for early decision-making to prevent complications, and 91% of patients did not present hospital readmissions. Such results, along with high user acceptance, show potential utility of the application as an effective complementary strategy for follow-up of patients with heart failure.