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  1. Basak, Tulay PhD, RN
  2. Aciksoz, Semra PhD, RN
  3. Savasci, Umit MD
  4. Yilmaz, Soner MD


The aim of this single-blinded, randomized controlled study was to determine the effectiveness of vapocoolant spray in reducing pain related to venipuncture in young, healthy male blood donors. The participants were separated into 2 groups by randomization. The donors in the control group (n = 44) were not given any intervention during the blood collection process. Vapocoolant spray was applied to the donors in the vapocoolant spray group (n = 44). The pain score was 1.90 +/- 1.47 for the vapocoolant spray group and 3.23 +/- 2.21 for the control group, and the difference between the groups was found to be statistically significant (P = .02). The study result showed that the use of vapocoolant spray for pain management is an effective method of reducing pain related to venipuncture during the process of blood donation in young male donors.