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constipation, gastrointestinal disease, nonmotor symptom, Parkinson disease



  1. Cheesman, Molly
  2. Ho, Haily
  3. Bishop, Krista
  4. Sin, Mo-Kyung


ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Constipation is the most frequently reported nonmotor gastrointestinal symptom of Parkinson disease and can precede motor symptoms by up to 20 years. The causes of constipation can be multifactorial, but the implications can lead to life-threatening complications. Early recognition of constipation can lead to better health outcomes and quality of life. MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS: The combination of nonpharmacological management through screening tools, nursing assessment, and patient education as well as pharmacological management is considered best practice. IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: Nurses who are knowledgeable on the current treatment options for constipation in Parkinson disease will be better equipped as active multidisciplinary team players to provide optimal care to their patients and achieve the best health outcomes.