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  1. Godsey, Emily L. MSHA
  2. Gamble, A. Bruce PhD, MS
  3. Palaj, Arta MBA
  4. Beliles, Gregory R. Jr MSHA
  5. Dunn, Ajani N. MHA
  6. Keimig, Andrew D. MHA
  7. Porter, Ivan E. II MD


In an outpatient health care practice, it can be challenging to convert patient demand into completed appointments, even for high-priority patients. One of the barriers to higher conversion rates is excessive appointment lag time, which can lead to nonattendance or cancellation for other reasons. In this article, we develop a mechanism for reducing appointment lag time for priority patient populations. We report on a pilot program with 12 practices, split into pilot and control groups, and involving 11001 patients requesting new appointments. The results of the pilot show that statistically significant improvements to conversion rates can be achieved.