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academia, academic-practice partnerships, education and training, public health practice, public health workforce



  1. Atchison, Christopher MPA
  2. Boatright, Daniel T. PhD
  3. Merrigan, Daniel EdD, MPH
  4. Quill, Beth E. MPH
  5. Whittaker, Carol MA, MPA
  6. Vickery, Antigone R. MPH, CHES
  7. Aglipay, Geraldine S.


Demonstrating Excellence in Practice-based Teaching for Public Health is a report intended to provide a resource for practice-based teaching of public health and includes a brief explanation of terms and practices, as well as suggestions on methodologies for implementation. No comparable resource currently exists that assists faculty and practice partners to recognize, implement, and promote practice-based teaching. This article summarizes findings from the report, including an explanation of practice-based teaching, its guiding principles, practical approaches, and recommendations on sustaining and advancing partnerships for professional public health education and training.