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Clinical Evaluation, Clinical Nurse Educator, Prelicensure Nursing Student



  1. Butts, Patsy J.


AIM: The aim of the study was to understand and describe how clinical nurse educators evaluate prelicensure baccalaureate nursing students in clinical practicums.


BACKGROUND: Clinical evaluation is used to determine nursing students' competency. There is no consensus about how competency is defined, which may lead to inconsistent clinical evaluation of students.


METHOD: Clinical nurse educators who evaluate baccalaureate nursing students in clinical practicums participated in semistructured interviews via a web-conferencing platform.


RESULTS: Three categories emerged from the data: decision-making about practicum grades, making final determinations of clinical competency, and clinical nurse educator training in the clinical evaluation process. Five subcategories emerged: determinants in process, relevance of time, issues with practices, deeming students competent, and relevance of course structure.


CONCLUSION: Implications for nursing education are offered related to the need for standardization in clinical evaluation.