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Cultural Competency, Military Personnel, Nursing Education, Nursing Education Research, Veterans



  1. Chargualaf, Katie A.
  2. Patterson, Barbara
  3. Elliott, Brenda


AIM: The aim of this study was to examine the adequacy of military/veteran-related content in nursing textbooks used in prelicensure programs.


BACKGROUND: With increased numbers of veterans receiving care in civilian settings, nurses may lack essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes outlined in competencies required to provide culturally sensitive veteran-centered care. One explanation for this may be inadequate preparation during prelicensure nursing education.


METHOD: A quantitative, descriptive study guided the analysis and rating of 32 key words in 24 textbooks across eight content areas.


RESULTS: Key words were included in most textbooks but frequently not connected to military service or veterans. The key word with the highest mean rating was posttraumatic stress disorder; the highest rated content area was psychiatric/mental health.


CONCLUSION: With limited textbook resources, nurse faculty must engage in deliberate efforts to include veteran content in nursing curricula. As competency-based education trends evolve, these findings are relevant and should be considered in curricular design and revision.