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Education, Leadership, Mentors, Nursing informatics, Societies, Training



  1. Backonja, Uba PhD, RN
  2. Langford, Laura Heermann PhD, RN
  3. Mook, Patricia Joppich MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CAHIMS


There is a need for nursing informatics leaders. However, there are not enough people educated and trained in informatics and leadership to fill that need. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to understand how professional organizations and nurse leaders support nursing informatics leadership development. This cross-sectional, descriptive study collected data via a scan of Web sites for eight nursing, informatics, and/or leadership professional organizations; interviews and surveys with nursing informatics leaders within the eight organizations; and a review of Web site, interview, and survey findings by nursing informatics leaders involved in leadership development. We found that nursing informatics leaders and professional organizations can support the nursing informatics leadership pipeline several ways. Examples included mentoring, education/training, and providing opportunities for networking and engagement in leadership roles. To help meet the need for nursing informatics leaders, professional organizations and current leaders can engage in various activities that provide training, education, and experiences for emerging leaders.