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  1. Sundean, Lisa J. PhD, MHA, RN
  2. O'Lynn, Chad E. PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
  3. Christopher, Roberta EdD, MSN, APRN, NE-BC, CAIF
  4. Cherry, Barbara DNSc, MBA, RN, NEA-BC


OBJECTIVE: The study objective was to identify nurses' perceptions of their impact while serving on boards.


BACKGROUND: Nurse leaders serving as voting board members are key experts for board effectiveness and may be associated with stronger performing organizations. Extant research indicates that nurse leaders are qualified for board service; however, no research explores the impact of nurses on boards.


METHODS: We conducted an exploratory qualitative study by interviewing 20 nurses serving on boards. Hermeneutic analysis of the data resulted in 1 overarching pattern and 7 traversing themes.


RESULTS: Nurses who serve on boards reported leveraging expert knowledge of healthcare and caring wisdom to influence strategic thinking to meet stakeholder needs.


CONCLUSION: Nurses promote effective board governance by ensuring that the perspectives and needs of all stakeholders are represented in board processes. We recommend health-related organization executives and board leaders appoint nurses as voting members of their governing boards.