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  1. Kamp, Kendra J. PhD, RN
  2. Clark-Snustad, Kindra DNP, ARNP
  3. Barahimi, Mitra MD
  4. Lee, Scott MD


Fatigue is a prevalent symptom among individuals with inflammatory bowel disease. Yet, few studies have examined the relationship between fatigue and endoscopic disease activity. A retrospective chart review was conducted to determine the prevalence of fatigue based on endoscopic inflammation and clinical disease activity and describe the factors associated with fatigue among adults with inflammatory bowel disease. One hundred sixty patients were included. The majority had Crohn disease (72.5%), with an average age of 40.5 years. Sixty-one percent reported fatigue. Both endoscopic (p = .03) and clinical disease activities (p = .001) were significantly associated with fatigue. Among participants reporting fatigue, 52% had inactive disease and 48% had active disease based on endoscopy whereas 63% reported clinically active disease and 37% reported clinically inactive disease. In the multivariate regression model, clinical disease activity (odds ratio [OR] = 8.5; 95% CI [3.9, 18.6]) and anxiety (OR = 2.8; 95% CI [1.0, 7.6]) were significantly associated with fatigue. The prevalence of fatigue is high among individuals with active and inactive disease. Clinical disease activity and anxiety, but not endoscopic disease activity, were associated with fatigue.