1. Mohsenizadeh, Seyed Mostafa PhD
  2. Manzari, Zahra Sadat PhD
  3. vossoughinia, Hassan MD
  4. Ebrahimipour, Hossein PhD


Inflammatory bowel disease is an unpredictable, chronic, recurrent gastrointestinal disorder with a wide range of social, physical, and psychological problems experienced by patients. The identification of these concerns is important to provide better healthcare. The purpose of this study was to understand the experiences and concerns of these patients. This study was conducted using a qualitative content analysis approach. The participants were 20 inflammatory bowel disease patients. Data were collected through unstructured interviews with purposive sampling and continued until data saturation. Data were comparatively analyzed continuously and simultaneously with data collection. Data analysis revealed two themes of "tension due to possible recurrence" and "fear of decline and deterioration." The integration of these concepts suggested that patients experience "sinking into the marsh of recurrence" as a major concern that disrupts their successful management of inflammatory bowel disease. Identifying the concerns of inflammatory bowel disease patients regarding their cultural and social context is of paramount importance. The integration of such concerns into treatment can improve patients' coping abilities and improve their quality of life.