1. Saunders, Mitzi PhD, APRN, CNS-BC

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I read with enthusiasm Dr Fulton's editorial entitled "Is Staffing Really the Problem?" (Vol 35[6], 279-280). It hit the mark on how nurses are not defining their work environment but working within the constraints and directions of others. In response to this article and hearing once again how our clinical partners are turning our nursing students away because of COVID issues, a time when nursing care is needed more than ever, I was moved to do something that might empower our student nurses and send a message to hospital administrators that turning nursing students away is not the answer. This future generation of nurses is the answer to our most challenging health issues, ones we have not even imagined yet. As Dr Fulton stated, "Nurses can and should design and manage the systems in which nursing care is delivered," I was inspired. As a clinical nurse specialist academic, I am designing a clinical nurse specialist student-driven COVID care program for our undergraduate nursing students to empower our future generation and show our clinical partners how our nursing students are not only fit for the challenge but ready to deliver. Thank you, Dr Fulton, for this inspiration!


Mitzi Saunders, PhD, APRN, CNS-BC