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  1. Sawyer, Amanda T. PhD
  2. Harris, Stephanie MLS
  3. Green, Jeanette F. PhD, APRN
  4. Du, Yuan MS
  5. Richard, Tere MHSA, CCRP
  6. Robinson, Patricia Stearnes PhD, APRN
  7. Celano, Patricia MSN, RN
  8. Kelly, Kim MSN, RN
  9. Bailey, Amanda K. MA, LMHC


OBJECTIVE: A virtual mental well-being initiative was developed for nurse leaders to provide education about mental health and to teach self-care skills.


BACKGROUND: Because of substantial demand placed on nurse leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations must address stress and burnout by providing a continuum of care to include education, support, and intervention.


METHODS: All levels of nurse leaders at a multicampus healthcare system were invited to attend. Data were collected on coping, empowerment, burnout, and quality of life. Participant responses to discussion prompts were compiled and reviewed.


RESULTS: Although the independent parallel comparison did not show significant improvements, scores on the coping, empowerment, burnout, and quality-of-life measures were maintained. Discussion prompts yielded valuable insights into nurse leader experiences and session effectiveness.


CONCLUSIONS: This type of education, as well as psychological support, will continue to be needed after the pandemic due to burnout, moral injury, and primary or secondary trauma. Findings are applicable to future crisis situations.