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  1. Gedney-Lose, Amalia DNP, ARNP, FNP-C
  2. Hand, Linda Liu PhD
  3. McCarthy, Ann Marie PhD, RN, FNASN, FAAN


Background: POLST-Portable Medical Orders-abbreviated as POLST, is a nationwide initiative to help providers document and meet a patient's end-of-life wishes.


Problem: Provider completion of POLST documents in primary care can promote continuity and implementation of patient preferences at the end of life in community-dwelling adults. Educating and providing a clinical process to support POLST use may improve implementation.


Approach: A POLST toolkit was developed for primary care providers with measurement of knowledge, comfort, and likelihood of use with pre- and postsurvey data collection. The POLST toolkit was used to engage primary care providers in an educational session to enhance understanding and increased utilization.


Outcomes: Providers reported increased knowledge, self-reported comfort, and likelihood of using POLST documents.


Conclusions: Utilization of a POLST toolkit, with an educational component, improved provider interest in POLST implementation.