1. Omkar Prasad, Rohini MBBS, MPH
  2. Chew, Timothy BSc
  3. Giri, Jayant R. MD
  4. Hoerauf, Klaus MD, PhD, DBA


Peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) insertion is a common invasive procedure performed during hospitalization. The present study reports results from a survey of 543 patients who have had PIVC insertion during their hospital stay in Singapore and the Philippines during the period between November 2018 and February 2019. The survey assessed the importance of 5 domains of patient-centered care on patient satisfaction with their hospitalization experience, including pain management, infection prevention, health care provider competence with vascular access, physical comfort, and effectiveness of communication during vascular access management. Health care provider competence, infection prevention, and pain management ranked as the most important determinants of patient satisfaction. Patients were more likely to lose their trust in health care providers and express anxiety if they experienced multiple needle insertion attempts or PIVC-related complications, whereas patients who were satisfied with their PIVC insertion were more likely to express satisfaction with their overall hospital stay. Improving vascular access management with a focus on enhancing vascular access skills, infection prevention, and pain management may improve patient satisfaction.