1. Puetz, Belinda E. PhD, RN

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As we begin a new year of publishing the Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, we also embark on a "new look" for the journal. No, do not look back at the cover-the changes are not there, although a redesign of the cover and inside pages is being considered for 2007. Rather, the changes are in the text- this year, you will find new content we hope will be of interest-and of use in your staff development practice.

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The Editorial Board of JNSD, whose names appear on the masthead in every issue, identified areas of need for staff development educators. Editorial Board members conduct focus groups in their locations every other year or so. These focus groups help define the content of JNSD-both subscribers and non-subscribers provide input on the appearance, layout, and content in the journal-what they like and do not like; what they would like to see in the journal, and so on.


The focus group participants have said that the articles that appear in the journal are useful but are lengthy-extensive coverage often is not helpful to a busy staff development educator who wants some tips to improve practice. So the Editorial Board thought that columns on specific, relevant topics might be most useful. These topics reflect areas of your everyday practice and include preceptorship, e-learning, administration of departments, and others. We do receive manuscripts on these topics that we publish regularly, but most readers these days want short, concise, readable information on a just-in-time basis. So, we have engaged the services of a number of individuals who are experts in their fields to provide columns that will address relevant issues in each of the areas. You will find several of the new columns in this issue of the journal and more will be printed in each future issue as well.


The column editors will respond to your questions and concerns on the topic. Each has included an e-mail address for communications from you, and of course we are willing to receive these messages in the editorial office and forward them as well. Do not hesitate to send your queries-they may well provide the basis of a future column! You will be credited for your contribution too, unless you wish to remain anonymous.


Please do let the column editors know what you think about the columns and how useful they are to your practice. All of us at JNSD are committed to making the publication the most relevant, useable resource for staff development practice. Let us know how we are doing!