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* In her post "An Impromptu Code Team on the Rugby Pitch," pediatric ICU nurse Tess Feury, also a member of the USA Women's National Rugby Team, describes helping to save the life of a fellow athlete (


* "Against the backdrop of widespread disbelief in the reality of the virus, the 'government-mandated' vaccine was a final straw for many," writes nursing professor and family NP Martha Vesterlund in her post "The Particular Pain and Challenge of Educating Patients During a Worldwide Pandemic" (


* In her post "Thinking Outside the Room: An Innovation Saved Time and PPE During the Pandemic," AJN senior clinical editor Christine Moffa discusses a New York City medical center's innovative use of an IV pump relocation practice (



"There is no way I could do pediatrics, let alone work in a pediatric ICU. Knowing one's limitations is key to finding a good 'home' to work in." "If we could just get the medical industry and Congress to know [nurses'] worth!" "Humor is so important. A subtle and effective way to connect to patients."




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* Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with Courtney Keeler and Alexa Colgrove Curtis, authors of "Secondary Data in Nursing Research."


* Senior clinical editor Christine Moffa speaks with Elizabeth B. Dowdell and Patricia M. Speck, authors of "Trauma-Informed Care in Nursing Practice."


* Reflections: Listen to a reading of Eileen J. Glover's personal essay, "The Suffering of Simone."