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Psoriasis, Nurse Education, Health Outcomes, Continuing Medical Education



  1. Howard, Leah
  2. Bell, Stacie


ABSTRACT: When the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) began a new 5-year strategic plan on July 1, 2019, it was understood that to achieve the lofty goals laid out in the plan, partnership with many different healthcare stakeholders would be critical. Although numerous advancements in care and new treatment options have changed the prognosis for individuals diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, many still face obstacles in living with and managing their disease. To support the community in overcoming these challenges, the NPF provides education, resources, and connection to the psoriatic disease community directly to individuals living with the disease. The Foundation also offers education and resources directly to the nurses and other healthcare professionals who care for individuals living with psoriatic disease-all to improve their lives and to optimize health outcomes. These efforts are complimented by the work done to support the other half of the NPF mission-lead collaborative, transformational research toward a cure.