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life change, nursing, ostomy, partner, spouse, stoma, wound care



  1. Baykara, Zehra Gocmen PhD, RN
  2. Eyikara, Evrim PhD, RN
  3. Hin, Aysel Oren RN
  4. Acarlar, Hulya RN
  5. Leventoglu, Sezai PhD


OBJECTIVE: Individuals with a stoma and their spouses experience various changes with regard to their new life situation. The authors aimed to determine the changes caused by stoma creation in the lives of individuals with a stoma and their spouses.


METHODS: This study was carried out with individuals with a stoma (n = 15) and their spouses (n = 15) in a stoma therapy unit. Semistructured interviews were digitally audio recorded and transcribed. Inductive reasoning was used in the analysis of the qualitative data.


RESULTS: As a result of the data obtained from in-depth interviews, the authors identified three contexts, nine themes, and many subthemes (49 subthemes for individuals with a stoma and 30 subthemes for spouses). Most subthemes were expressed by both the individual with a stoma and his/her partner, showing that the feelings, thoughts, and difficulties experienced were often shared between spouses.


CONCLUSIONS: Ostomies change the lives of individuals and their spouses. These changes have mostly negative biopsychosocial effects. However, after stoma surgery, spouses strengthen their commitment to each other and better understand the value of being healthy.