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  1. Welch, Teresa D. EdD, RN, NEA-BC


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess the influence of 3 variables on unit-based nurse managers' self-perception of business and financial competence in patient care: 1) educational degree; 2) participation in leadership development continuing education; and 3) prior nursing management experience.


BACKGROUND: Nurse managers must develop business acumen to support patient care and the nurses who provide care. Successful managers must become fluent in the language of finance and must understand how to use it. Their ability to promote continuous quality improvement (QI) in a cost-effective, resource-conscious manner is the foundation of economic viability.


METHODS: A feasibility study was conducted using Facebook to recruit nurse managers nationally and to distribute an electronic survey designed to assess the unit-based managers' self-perceptions of business and financial competence in patient care.


RESULTS: The strongest predictors of self-perceived business and financial competence were continuing education and MSN degree. Years of experience in a leadership role did not predict self-reported levels of business or financial competence in patient care.


CONCLUSION: Findings suggest that nursing leadership competency in the area of finance is developed through continuing education. Healthcare organizations should implement comprehensive nursing leadership mentoring and orientation programs for nurse managers to improve their self-perceptions of business and financial competencies.