1. Nelan, Philip MBA, MSN, RN-BC, CHPN, CNE, CNE-cl
  2. Prepetit, Jessica MS, RN

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Nursing faculty have the responsibility of reviewing lecture content to assess students' comprehension of the course material or to prepare students for semester examinations. An alternative strategy is to offer students the opportunity to create their own tests through student-generated review questions. Faculty can take the significant exemplars of the content, such as cardiac, and assign a particular subcategory to a student, such as cardiac catheterization. Students create a critical thinking question, either a multiple-choice question or a select-all-that-apply question, based on the assigned topic/subcategory, avoiding knowledge-based questions. Students design their questions and distractors based only on the textbook and assigned readings, not from an internet search. Students write and submit 2 versions of the same question to the instructor. The first version of the question contains the stem and choices. The second version of the same question cites the page numbers where the question and the answers, both correct and incorrect, can be found in the textbook. Faculty compile all the first versions of the questions (without the answers and page numbers), create an examination, and send it to the students. Students, using their textbook, take the examination. This approach encourages the students to read the textbook carefully, review the material/content thoroughly, and answer the questions. A few days later, the same questions are sent again to the students with the answers and the page numbers where to find the information.