1. Bush, Jake PhD, RN

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Let's Talk is a card game that facilitates students' application of therapeutic communication strategies. The overall strategy of the game is to be the first player to discard all of their cards. To start, divide the students into small groups. Each group assigns a dealer who gives each player 5 cards, including themselves. The instructor assigns a card to each therapeutic communication strategy (eg, 2 = reflection, 3 = restating, Jack = open-ended question, Ace = player may change the topic). The card suits are irrelevant. The instructor can use 3 x 5 index cards to write various conversation topic prompts (eg, mental health nursing). Initially, the dealer begins play by turning over the first conversation topic card and begins play by making a statement based on the first topic. Progress of play continues with the person to the left of the dealer, who uses one of their dealt cards to reply to the dealer and places that card into a discard pile. If the person cannot incorporate a therapeutic communication reply or question based on their dealt cards, they lose a turn. The group may contest the proper use of a player's therapeutic communication strategy. If the player misused the communication strategy, they need to pick up their discarded card and an additional card from the deck. Play continues clockwise, with each additional person contributing to the conversation.