1. Hall, Laura C. DNP, RN, CNL-BC

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Although nurse educator students learn curriculum design, teaching strategies, measurement, and evaluation as part of their educational plan of study, they often do not learn how to create and execute this information within a learning management system (LMS). Through feedback from student course evaluations, students specifically requested information on how to use learning platforms from the educator's perspective. Although familiar with LMSs from a student perspective, they lacked knowledge of how to build and deliver content from the educator perspective. To address this need, an online mock course was developed and integrated within an instructional design course for nurse educator students in a master of science in nursing program. Over the course of the semester, each student created a learning module within the mock course. In each module, students were required to build and upload individual files into content folders. Students also created announcements, quizzes, discussion board links, assignments, journal entries, videos, and grade columns. Finally, students had to embed course links, videos, and grading rubrics. A faculty-developed instructional tutorial video was provided to students, along with resources from the university's Center for Teaching and Academic Leadership. Following implementation of this learning strategy, students expressed confidence in creating course content using various tools within the LMS.