1. Schmitz, Samantha MSN, RN

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Identifying the best approach to promote group work in an asynchronous course can be challenging, both from a technological perspective and from a student perspective. Through an innovation initiative, all students received iPads at the start of this academic year. iPads were leveraged as a technology platform to lessen the burden and negative connotation typically associated with group projects in a senior-level course. Students accessed the Keynote application on their iPads to create professional audiovisual presentations that showcased how members of the multidisciplinary care team facilitate and support optimal patient outcomes. This project is integral for nursing students, as it emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, mirroring a group project setting. A highlight of Keynote was the ability for students to collaborate at times most conducive to their schedules. Formal group meetings are challenging to coordinate due to differing schedules. The Keynote application allowed all students the ability to not only create slides but also record themselves presenting when their schedules allowed. Prior to this, an external recording device had to be used, which resulted in more steps, more work, and less scheduling freedom for students. This project and technology platform emphasized the importance of group work but still allowed individuality to occur, thus supporting students. Keynote was viewed favorably by the students. They indicated that the application made it less stressful than typically expected when group work occurs.