COVID-19, Diabetes mellitus, Health education, Mobile applications, Validation study



  1. Negreiros, Francisca Diana da Silva PhD, RN
  2. Flor, Amanda Caboclo MN, RN
  3. Araujo, Acucena Leal de MN, RN
  4. Cestari, Virna Ribeiro Feitosa MN, RN
  5. Florencio, Raquel Sampaio PhD, RN
  6. Moreira, Tatiana Reboucas MN, RN
  7. Araujo, Samila Torquato MN, RN
  8. Silva, Lucilane Maria Sales da PhD, RN
  9. Moreira, Thereza Maria Magalhaes PhD, RN


The COVID-19 pandemic caused tremendous disruption of health systems worldwide. Patients with diabetes are at a high risk of COVID-19 exposure because face-to-face consultations have been standard for diabetes management. This study describes the development and validation of a mobile application for nursing students on diabetes education during the COVID-19 pandemic. The application was developed by a certified diabetes educator nurse and by a freelance programmer and, in the next step, validated in terms of content and appearance by a group of expert nurses on diabetes (n = 29), nursing students (n = 40), and information technology experts (n = 11). Validity indexes of 0.99 for content and 0.92 for appearance were obtained, and usability values of 78.9 (+/-15.3) and 78.2 (+/-10.8) were obtained from nursing and information technology experts, respectively. The self-assessment and satisfaction items evaluated by nursing students had a total agreement of 96.3% and an intraclass correlation coefficient of 0.91. Both the content and the appearance of the application were considered adequate, and the usability scores indicate that the application is useful and easy to use.