Cooking blogs, Nutrition education, Public health



  1. Spaccarotella, Kim PhD
  2. Gido, Jaclyn BS


This study examined the quality and healthfulness of articles and recipes on food blogs to inform nurses, other health professionals, and patients using these as resources. Recipes from 50 blogs on were analyzed for nutrient content and congruency of nutrition information. Of the 178 recipes, 5.6% were low calorie, 7.3% were low in total fat, 15.2% were low sodium, and 89.3% had <=100 kcal of total sugar. Snack recipes contained significantly less mean sodium (P = .001), and 21% of blogs provided nutrition tips with incongruent or mixed congruency recommendations. Nurses, other health professionals, and consumers should evaluate cooking blogs carefully when using them for nutrition and recipe advice.