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masterclass, nurses, nursing education, palliative care, Romania



  1. Mitrea, Nicoleta PhD, APRN
  2. Gerzevitz, Diane APRN
  3. Mathe, Teodora PhD, APRN
  4. Steller, Julie PhD, APRN
  5. White, Patricia PhD, APRN
  6. Ferszt, Ginette PhD, APRN
  7. DeSanto-Madeya, Susan PhD, APRN


Given the increased need for palliative care services globally, the education of nurses has become paramount. In response, a group of nurses from Romania and the United States developed diverse nursing educational programs to meet the palliative care educational needs of nurses in Central-Eastern European countries. The purpose of this article is to describe a palliative nursing masterclass that was offered virtually to 59 participants, primarily nurses but also other health care professionals, from 11 Central-Eastern European countries.