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  1. Abbe, JacQualine Renee DNP, MNE, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC
  2. O'Keeffe, Christian BSN, RN, ONC


Background: A large academic medical center in the Pacific Northwest successfully introduced continuous video monitoring (CVM) as an adjunct measure to replace sitter use when appropriate. Adoption of the technology was influenced by nurse enculturation, standard work, data tracking management, and patient/family engagement. The purpose of this article is to identify critical data metrics to inform expansion of CVM programs when determining readiness for growth.


Problem: There is a lack of literature to advise organizations on needed data and metrics to inform growth readiness of CVM programs. Specific indicators can support initiatives to achieve financial support for program expansion.


Approach: CVM readiness for expansion is evident when metrics such as utilization rates, wait-list expansion, frontline staff perception, and sitter patient population outgrow current camera capacity.


Conclusion: Successful metric analysis can inform initiatives to grow CVM programs, which, in turn, support a culture of safety at large academic medical centers for at-risk populations.