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  1. Ruppel, Halley PhD, RN
  2. Oliver, Ashley MPH
  3. Chandrasekhar, Sandhya MS, PMP, CPBI, LSSGB
  4. Hickerson, Kirsten A. DNP, RN, CEN
  5. McCabe, Margaret PhD, RN, CRN-BC, FAAN
  6. Agosto, Paula M. MHA, RN
  7. Curley, Martha A. Q. PhD, RN, FAAN


Nurse leaders need real-time, accurate data to design care delivery models and make decisions that reflect the patient populations they serve. To support nurse leader practice and optimize patient care, we developed a unit profile dashboard to describe the unique characteristics of patient populations cared for on each clinical unit at our hospital. In this article, we describe dashboard development, challenges, use cases, and plans for data analytics to further advance nursing practice.