1. Stahl, Heidi J. BA
  2. Wu, Anna K. BS
  3. Li, Henry MS
  4. Hu, David BA
  5. Liu, Wei MS
  6. Lam, Suet Kam MD, MPH, MS


Background: Despite comprising less than 6% of the US population, Asian individuals make up more than half of the approximately 1.6 million chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections in the United States. The purpose of this investigation was to identify characteristics associated with HBV knowledge in this disproportionately affected population.


Methods: A cross-sectional, multilingual survey study using convenience sampling was conducted in a Midwestern urban city to collect information on respondents' demographics, health care access, and HBV knowledge. Hepatitis B virus knowledge was categorized into epidemiology, natural history, transmission, and vaccination. Data were analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis and Spearman correlation tests.


Results: Of the 174 individuals who completed surveys, 139 (79.9%) were Asian. Characteristics of univariate analyses associated with higher knowledge scores included younger age (18-49 years), proficiency in reading English, college education, current employment status, physician using preferred language, last physician's visit in 2018 or prior, perceived lack of time to see a physician, use of emergency department, prior HBV vaccination, prior HBV testing, higher level of self-reported knowledge about HBV, and acquiring health information from the Internet, messaging applications, friends, and family (P < .05). In the multivariable analysis, shorter residency in the United States (0-10 years), current employment status, having heard of HBV, and confidence in their HBV knowledge were associated with higher knowledge scores.


Conclusion: Knowledge deficits existed in our study population regarding HBV transmission, vaccination, and epidemiology, while knowledge was higher regarding HBV natural history. Education efforts should be designed to improve knowledge deficits about HBV for individuals with risk factors using culturally sensitive Internet and social media platforms.