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  1. Lu, Han-Bing MD, MSc
  2. Ma, Rui-Chen MD, MSc
  3. Yin, Ying-Ying MD, MSc
  4. Song, Chun-Yu MD, MSc
  5. Yang, Ting-Ting MD, MSc
  6. Xie, Jiao MD, PhD


This meta-analysis was conducted to systematically evaluate the efficacy and safety of auricular acupressure on sleep quality in patients with lung cancer. Nine articles with a total of 802 patients were retrieved after searching on 11 electronic databases. Results of the meta-analysis showed that auricular acupressure improved sleep score (standard mean difference: -0.80, 95% confidence intervals: -1.30 to -0.30, P = .002) and reduced sleep disturbance rate (risk ratio: 0.65, 95% confidence intervals: 0.51-0.84, P = .001) and sleep medicine usage (risk ratio: 0.26, 95% confidence intervals: 0.11-0.65, P = .004) significantly. Our review suggests that auricular acupressure is effective and relatively safe in improving sleep quality among patients with lung cancer.