1. Melender, Hanna-Leena PhD, CNM, CNE

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An academic-service partnership (ASP) between a day-surgery unit of a central hospital and nursing faculty of a university of applied sciences in Finland was established to put into practice a Finnish clinical guideline on emotional support for preschool-aged children in day surgery. As an implementation strategy, a 10-step framework was used (see Supplemental Digital Content Table, available at: As a learning strategy, works of 2 students were connected in the ASP: a nursing student completing a 15-credit bachelor's thesis, and a public health nursing student completing a 5-credit Development Work. The students were supervised by the nursing faculty member and supported by the head nurse of the day-surgery unit and the Director of Nursing of Acute Care Services. The theoretical framework was appropriate for the purposes of this effort, and the outcomes of the guideline implementation were promising.1 The benefits of this ASP are related to the students learning how to systematically implement a clinical guideline into practice and the day-surgery unit's opportunities to benefit from faculty expertise, develop the quality of pediatric nursing care, and improve evidence-based practice.




1. Melender H-L, Pirkola S, Imppola K, Ahonen H, Seppelin S. Applying a ten-step framework as a strategy for implementing a guideline on emotional support for preschool-aged children in day-surgery nursing. J Nurs Educ Pract. 2021;11(10):49-53. doi:10.5430/jnep.v11n10p49 [Context Link]