1. Redulla, Rhoda DNP, RN, NPD-BC, FAAN
  2. Associate Editor
  3. Baker, Kathy PhD, APRN, ACNS-BC, FCNS, FAAN
  4. Editor-in-Chief

Article Content

To continue our commitment to developing authors in our specialty, the Editorial Board sanctioned an online writing workshop in fall 2021. Applications were solicited through SGNA, and an initial cohort of nine participants was selected. Over the course of 6 months, the group met online with Associate Editor Rhoda Redulla and Editor-in-Chief Kathy Baker to talk through principles of good writing and organizing a manuscript from start-to-finish. Participants were given tasks to complete between each meeting designed to help them progress to a final product ready for submission to Gastroenterology Nursing or another journal of their choice. An additional outcome was that participants were invited to share a snapshot of their manuscript as well as their experiences with attendees at the 44th SGNA Annual Course in Salt Lake City.


The workshop consists of four online sessions offered in the evening. The first session addresses the foundations of writing such as developing a topic idea, creating an outline, developing the background information, and how to begin writing. The second session covers two types of articles: clinical and review articles, including common types of each. The third session addresses evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and research articles. This session also focuses on submitting a manuscript and responding to editor and peer comments. In the fourth session, participants present their work to each other. This is a great opportunity for peer feedback and prepares participants for the annual course presentation. Participants expressed that the content was focused, rich, and impactful.


Topics for a manuscript are proposed by each participant, with the editors advising on how to best approach an area for the author's selected readership. For example, one author selected Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy as the topic of her focus. The editors recommended that the author focus the manuscript specifically on what nurses need to know. During the workshop discussions, the emphasis for this manuscript was further narrowed by the author to nursing considerations during the preoperative period. Collaboration with each other, as well as guidance by the editorial team, provides a rich and meaningful experience.


Participants described outcomes from this experience as having increased knowledge and confidence in the peer-reviewed article submission process, gaining insight into how to accommodate manuscript writing into a busy work and family schedule. The most notable outcome shared by participants is obtaining timely advice on how to narrow a topic and actually start writing the manuscript. Participants noted the workshop was inspirational, and they left each session believing that writing (while intimidating to some attendees) "is doable!" They recommend the program to other colleagues.


Outcomes from the first workshop were so successful, the WRITE Project will again be offered in fall 2022 through spring 2023. Applications will be solicited by SGNA with a September 2022 application deadline, and the first session will begin in October 2022. The workshop is open to both nurses and associates. Although designed to develop beginning authors, experienced authors who would like a refresher or just a built-in accountability group are welcome to apply.


If you have been thinking about contributing to the discipline through writing for publication, the WRITE Project may be just the motivation you have been looking for. Consider this opportunity with a cohort of colleagues who also are seeking to expand their writing expertise alongside you. If you need more information or just want to explore this opportunity a bit more before making a commitment, reach out to Rhoda ( or Kathy ( to see if this might be the right timing for you to develop a manuscript for publication.