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  1. Kelly, Lisa FNP-C, RN-MSN
  2. Simon, Peter MD
  3. Nash, Angela DHA, MSPAS
  4. Thompson, Julie PhD
  5. Affronti, Mary Lou DNP, RN, MHSc, ANP, FAAN


This project is aimed to identify whether recovery times could be reduced in patients undergoing an outpatient liver biopsy. Liver biopsies are typically performed in a hospital setting, and many facilities require patients to recover for multiple hours, sometimes ranging from 4 to 6 hours. This can discourage the patient from undergoing the biopsy. Multiple studies have examined recovery times and determined patients can safely recover and be discharged within 1-2 hours post-liver biopsy. In this retrospective review, the data of 60 outpatients who underwent a liver biopsy from June to December 2020 were analyzed. Analysis included comparing vital signs and symptoms at the 2-hour recovery period and 4-hour discharge time also to see whether there were any hospital admissions 1 week post-liver biopsy. Descriptive statistics were utilized for the data collected in this study. Results demonstrated that after 2 hours, 55 (91.7%) patients had vital signs within safe parameters, pain less than 5 on a 10-point pain scale and denied any other symptoms. The remaining five patients (8.3%) did not meet discharge criteria at the 2-hour mark because of pain greater than 5 on the pain scale yet were still discharged safely at the 4-hour mark.