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  1. Kimpel, Christine Cleary MA, BSN, RN
  2. Bonnet, Kemberlee MA
  3. Schlundt, David PhD


As many as 35% of patients may experience an inadequate-quality bowel preparation for colonoscopy, which may then require a repeated colonoscopy without insurance coverage. To our knowledge, there have been no qualitative studies with an in-depth exploration of patient experiences of this outcome. This study aimed to explore patients' perceptions of experiencing an inadequate preparation compared to those with only an adequate-quality bowel preparation history. Quantitative analyses were conducted for three one-item questions (e.g., anxiety rating) with ordinal scales. Qualitative data were collected from audio-recorded and transcribed telephone interviews (N = 20) and anonymous online surveys (N = 59). An inductive/deductive coding system was constructed, and themes were generated to form a conceptual framework. Brief quantitative results are provided. Themes of the colonoscopy process include context, prepreparation, implementation, outcomes, response, and decision to repeat. This novel study underscored the emotional experience of patients with inadequate preparation and subsequent influence on decisions to repeat the procedure. Recommendations are given for research, policy, and practice.