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  1. Silva, Amina Regina MN
  2. Padilha, Maria Itayra PhD
  3. Petry, Stefany MN
  4. Silva E Silva, Vanessa PhD
  5. Woo, Kevin PhD
  6. Galica, Jacqueline PhD
  7. Wilson, Rosemary PhD
  8. Luctkar-Flude, Marian PhD


Despite the availability of guidelines about the different types of review literature, the identification of the best approach is not always clear for nursing researchers. Therefore, in this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to be used by health care and nursing scholars while choosing among 4 popular types of reviews (narrative, integrative, scoping, and systematic review), including a descriptive discussion, critical analysis, and decision map tree. Although some review methodologies are more rigorous, it would be inaccurate to say that one is preferable over the others. Instead, each methodology is adequate for a certain type of investigation, nursing methodology research, and research paradigm.