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  1. Zuniga, Julie A. PhD
  2. Cuevas, Heather E. PhD
  3. Jones, Kristian PhD
  4. Adiele, Kristine
  5. Cebulske, Lauren
  6. Frost, Livia
  7. Sannigrahi, Siddhaparna BS
  8. Garcia, Alexandra A. PhD, RN, FAAN
  9. Heitkemper, Elizabeth M. PhD, RN


The purpose of this qualitative secondary analysis research was to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on self-management behaviors and practices for people living with the dual diagnoses of HIV/AIDS and type 2 diabetes mellitus and to identify early pandemic-specific disruptions or changes to their self-management practices. In-depth interviews conducted in May-June 2020 with 9 participants, and analyzed using content analysis, revealed 5 themes: adjusting to living with HIV/AIDS and diabetes impacts beliefs about COVID-19 risks; COVID-19 information seeking and accuracy; trade-offs in self-managing multiple chronic conditions; balance between safety, relationships, and the society at large; and discordant perceptions and actions. Some participants were resilient from previous experiences. Many received mixed messages about their risk for COVID-19, resulting in inaccurately or inconsistently applying guidelines for social isolation.