1. Brueggen, Carol RN, CNS
  2. Cisar, Nancy RN, CNS
  3. Date, Mary RN, CNS
  4. Peterson, Rose RN, CNS

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(1) Increase collegiality, support, and mentorship among CNSs within a multi-site health system. (2) Provide a forum for dialogue about clinical and nonclinical CNS practice issues.



The CNS has the ability to raise standards of nursing practice, to increase quality of nursing care, and to facilitate evidence-based nursing practice.



As CNSs move from novice to expert, collaboration, mentorship, and peer support facilitate the exchange of ideas, the opportunity to share experiences, and the provision of feedback. As the Mayo Clinic Health System added clinics and hospitals in the Midwest, Arizona, and Florida, CNSs sought an opportunity to collaborate.



Quarterly video conferencing was the format chosen. Topics for discussion were identified. A leader for each topic was selected. The leader's site developed discussion questions related to the topic. Questions were distributed to participants prior to the video conference. Topics have included CNS roles, reporting structures, credentialing, CNS practice, novice to expert, management of falls, and medication reconciliation.



Participating CNSs verbalize increased familiarity with CNSs and CNS practice at each site. Networking for further discussion of practice issues was identified as a positive outcome. Increased peer communication has enhanced job satisfaction and role development.



The opportunity to share ideas and to learn from and support each other was highly valued by all participants. An informal survey of participants strongly supported continuing the collaborative process.