1. Gaspar, Phyllis PhD, RN
  2. McBreen, William PhD, RN
  3. Ponto, Julie MS, RN, APRN,BC, AOCN

Article Content


To describe practical approaches for the recruitment, development, and maintenance of clinical preceptors for CNS students.



Providing clinical experiences for CNS students is critical to their learning and development as advanced practice nurses. However, as demands on current CNSs continue to grow, finding clinical preceptors with the time and energy to devote to the precepting experience is challenging. Therefore, finding ways to recruit, develop, and maintain preceptors is essential.



Demands on the CNS are increasing, making the addition of the preceptor role more difficult. Adding to the challenge is the increased number of clinical hours being required of CNS students.



Practical approaches for recruitment, development, and maintenance of qualified clinical preceptors have been implemented. Endeavors to encourage shared responsibility and reward the preceptors' participation in the academic process have been recognized as promoting commitment.



The usefulness of these strategies will be described and suggestions will be made to address how other institutions can use these methods to recruit, develop, and maintain clinical preceptors.



Recruiting, developing, and maintaining a foundation of qualified, experienced clinical preceptors for CNS students is essential in order to provide a comprehensive educational experience for the students.