1. Moore, Stephanie R. MSN, CNS, ARNP,BC

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Enhance development of the clinical coach/preceptor staff by incorporating a new process for education.



Consultation with the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) provides clinical coaches/preceptors the opportunity to enhance the skill sets needed to train novice nurses.



As part of a paradigm shift at the hospital, CNSs were challenged to incorporate a new process for development of the nurse clinical coach/preceptor.



Through facilitation of a clinical coach/preceptor development curriculum, the CNSs have facilitated a change in organizational culture. Annual preceptor education comprises introduction of paradigm shifts from preceptor to clinical coach. A monthly development series provides learning theory and application for the role of the clinical coach.



(1) A change in training methodology for new staff. (2) Increase in dialogue among clinical coaches. (3) Development of relationships between clinical coaches and CNSs. (4) Increase in frequency of continuing education for clinical coaches. (5) Increase in staff satisfaction. (6) Requests for formalized mentoring program.



The change has enhanced the process for addressing the learning needs of both new staff and the clinical coach. Development of relationships between clinical coaches and the CNSs yields enhancement of orientation for the novice nurse. The environment then becomes conducive for learning.